What is Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is an extended of new art in Photography world (between the past 7 years or so), where the photograph are taken at their early stage of life, i.e. between 5-14 days old. why? because the first week works best to get the curly poses and longer amounts of deep sleep to pose and style. After two weeks of age, babies go through a growth spurt, they are more likely to be disturbed while sleeping, start stretching their arms and legs, and can also become colicky, or baby acne can start to flare.

About Me

I am a Mom of two amazing boys, and being a mom has inspired me a lot of things, and treasure every single moment when I spend time with them. I love photography and I love documenting all little things that you can keep for long lasting memories for generations. Click Portraiture is a name that I pick for my own photography label. I have been doing photography since 2008, but I fell in love with babies and specially focusing on newborn since 2012. Doing newborn is a challenge on each session, a uniqueness on each baby and a style that is changing on each session that will keep me learning, exploring and growing. Click Portraiture provides a home service photography that giving you an utmost professionalism services at your comfy home :) Our concept is natural, classic and timeless, which could be cherished for years and years. With this website showcases newborn images of my portfolio, I hope I can encourage you to experience and witness yourself the adorable cuteness of newborns can be, and I look forward to being your newborn photographer! With lots of love, Evelina Sudarmadji

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